Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Pop Culture Maiden

The plea for Kick-Ass, Rated “R” Movies

Posted by Abigail



Please go see Kick-Ass this weekend!

I’ll tell you why:


Studios play by the numbers, and all eyes are on Kick-Ass to see if they can make it. You see, the trend is that an “R” rating, especially on a superhero movie can only simply equal certain box office death.

In fact, some horror movies even scale back their content to garner a “PG-13″ rating. You’d think that nobody would like to see a horror movie that “sells out” in a sense, but they do. Many of them do.

In fact, no studio would touch Kick-Ass. Title aside, this comic book is filled to the brim with cover-to-cover gore and language. Simply put, if you didn’t automatically assume an “R” rating was going to be applied to the movie version, you wouldn’t be able to make the movie at all.

So in walks director Matthew Vaughn (Stardust, Layer Cake), who is confident in the book’s hardcore and visceral subject matter. He decides to go finance the movie himself, which is a very risky move. He’s sold the movie over to Lionsgate, who is putting a huge gamble on this.

And it’s up to you to vote with your dollar. If you want “R” rating movies to continue, prove it by showing the studios that you aren’t turned off by it.

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