Sunday, December 27, 2009

Could This 'Forbidden Medicine' Eliminate the Need for Drugs?

Could This 'Forbidden Medicine' Eliminate the Need for Drugs?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eliminate depression,frustration,anxiety and stress.

Eliminate depression,frustration,anxiety and stress.

Throw away your prescription drugs for your
mood problems: depression,anxiety,bipolar,paranoid
schizophrenia,suicidal tendencies.

Drugs mask problems,don't fix or even discover the root causes.
Face the music,face your "devils" (ass holes in your life),fight
them off with the truth of what they are.

 1. Only associate with Venusians, (people from Venus)
Venusians love peace,harmony,beauty,calmness,relaxation,dance,
art,creativity,music,fluidity of thought and motion and nature/naturalness.
They thrive on helping themselves and others to be happy and
feel better.They think,they know and they understand.
They worship the spirit,the source of all energy.

2. Do not associate with Martians from Mars: the ugly,nasty,mean people.
Martians love to look around,to compare,compete,insult,humiliate,degrade
They are destroyers.They thrive on self-generated stress,love to fight,like to make other people miserable because they are miserable.
They don't understand much of anything, don't know that they don't know,do not know what empathy is and don't care.
Jealousy,greed,hate,greed,gluttony,pride and sloth rule their lives: yes,
they emanate 7 deadly sins of man.
They worship money,material things,sex and end results.

3. Be who and what you are

4. Concentrate only on what you can do

5. Be aware of but don't focus on things you have no control over

6. Quit trying to control other people

7. Control yourself

8. Say "I don't worry about anything. I work on it"

9. There are 3 things you can do in a situation: watch it,work on it or
whine about it.

Whiners come from Mars.
Workers come from Venus.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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