Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Love of Money

I've read it, I've heard it many times before. It is common knowledge. Everyone knows
that the love of money is the root of all evil.
I knew it was true but now realize this truth
with every cell of my body,
every aspect of my being.

You cannot serve two gods. You can only serve, worship and honor
one "god".

You either serve mammon or you serve God. It is your choice.
If the person you know does not serve the god forces
but chooses to serve mammon (money,material things,physical
worldly items and sex) you do not have to honor them, period.

The one who worships mammon honors no one and no lifeform so
why would you want to honor anything they say or anything they do?

The one who honors God honors all life and shows you respect,
gratitude, appreciation and loves you for who you are not what
they want you to be.  They are strong, loyal and courageous
because they know and understand truth.

The one who worships mammon is a fear based person that
uses their own fears to attack, threaten, manipulate and coerce others
in order to get what they want: money, material things, sex,
power, control, domination.

They manufacture lies and deceive
others in order to get and maintain control over other people and
their environment.  They are never satisfied with anything.  They
can never get enough.  This is why they are impatient, rude,
forceful, intimidating, manipulative and destructive.
You will never please them because one of their goals is to change everyone
but themselves.  If you comply with their wishes, conform into
something they want you to be or to do, they will soon
demand that you change again into someone else.

Mammon worshippers keep you in a constant state of confusion.
You are never quite sure where you stand with them. One minute they
pretend to love you the next minute they hate you.
They are evil, whining, weak little tyrants with little or no self control.
They demand respect but never give it. They demand love but don't
have the ability to show it. They expect others to take orders from them
and never question what they say or do. You are not allowed to think.
You are told "Don't argue with me!" if you ask them a question.
They are true hypocrites with a book full of double standards.

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